Human Centered Productivity

To improve your productivity, your work and your life.

The end of “I can't”
or “yeah, we'll see about that later”.

Lists, calendars and all the features we need to be more productive. And something else…

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What did we put in this?
We call it Tracks.

They help you improve your work and your life.
So you can switch off your computer earlier, enjoy your time and sleep better.

Your productivity, always at hand:
in every screen and situation.

All your information available at a glance, wherever you are.
Easy, effective and stylish
(that matters too).

Much more than software.
Productivity is our first thought. Not an afterthought.

We take productivity very seriously.
And Hightrack includes a Productivity Academy to discover working habits and smart routines to work and life better everyday.

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Francisco Gallardo
I have been using @Hightrack for nearly a month. My conclusion: goodbye Things, goodbye Wunderlist, goodbye Omnificus!

Francisco Gallardo

Raül Pere
I recommend @Hightrack because it’s gonna help other people with my same productivity problems. I fell understood and supported.

Raül Pere

Marilín Gonzalo
Very happy with @Hightrack: it's the end of all those other thousand systems that I only half use.

Marilín Gonzalo

María Bibliovirtual
Some of you ask me how do I get time to do the many things I do. Well, it's @Hightrack.

María Bibliovirtual

Jon Diez
My battle against procrastination was going through hard times, and @Hightrack came to save the day, like the 7th Cavalry Regiment.

Jon Diez

Ángela Espinar
Little by little @Hightrack is becoming part of my daily routine. "Tracks" is just genius, no doubt about that.

Ángela Espinar

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