Our Story

¿Porqué Hightrack?

«Tenemos que crear una aplicación basada en la productividad real. Y que sea sencilla y pensada para personas». Así es como comenzó nuestro proyecto en 2012. En un almuerzo entre Quique y Tecnilógica, definimos las bases de Hightrack. Compartimos nuestra visión con otros amigos que vinieron a bordo. Y después de montar un equipo, comenzamos a construir la aplicación.

Who are we?

Hightrack is a team of twelve people with different backgrounds and passions. We all are die-hard productivity fans and we love making things for the real world. For most of us this is not our first startup, and prior to Hightrack we worked in different types of companies with international experience. Hightrack is based in Madrid, Spain.

Meet the Team

  • Quique Gonzalo
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Enrique Mendoza
  • Alberto Sanz
    Mobile Lead Developer
  • Victor Garcia
    Frontend & Backend Lead Developer
  • Alfonso Morcuende
    UX / UI
  • Jaime de la Serna
  • Patricia Carrero
    Lead Analytics
  • Val
    Spiritual Leader
  • Jorge Gutiérrez
    Operations Manager
  • Juanan Casado
    Productivity Advisor
  • José Carlos Palencia
    Project Manager
  • Jesús Suárez
  • David Noeda
  • Javier Estévez

Our Vision

Like you, we love the feeling of finishing. But with so many tasks, events and distractions, every day it’s getting harder to get stuff done. Productivity software should help you choose better and make better decisions. It should help you focus and get started, and show you the real info you need to get going. It should help you to accomplish your daily goals, with less effort and more control over your life. This is what we call Productivity with soul.

We love what we do...

We love building things to help other people. We love when design and code are made for real problems. We love focusing on what it matters to real people. We love usefulness beyond features.

Get in Touch

Negocios, prensa, ayuda y apoyo... drop us a line.