Hightrack 2.1 for Android

Today we released the new Android app through the Google Play store. In this case it is version 2.1 that includes a Widget (to show the track “Today).  From version 2.0 on we include many new features among which are a new interface design (material design), improved general stability and a new timing system that improves reliability.

Hightrack 2.0 Android

As a result of the improved stability, the offline operation of the application is much more robust, optimizing the time of synchronization and thus enriching the user experience.

Hightrack Android 2.1 also includes programmable alarms, allows a rearrangement of tasks and lists and includes the so-called “focus bar” which allows you to filter tasks depending on whether you are active, if they have a deadline, if they have been favorited, if they are programmed or if they have been completed.

The new app needs a minimum of 4.5 MB of space available, an Android 4.0 (Icecream) or higher and is adapted to devices 7 “and 10” inches in landscape view.


android Hightrack 2.0 Tablet


You can update or download the new version:



This is the first of many updates we hope will respond to your requests.


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Hightrack’s new Tag Manager

Here is Hightrack‘s new Tag Manager! Now you can edit and delete tags associated with your tasks and events in a fast and easy way.

The Tag Manager is in the focus bar, at the end of list of tags:

unnamed (1)

Clicking on the button, a dialog will be displayed with a list of all tags you’ve assigned over your life in Hightrack to tasks or events that are still active.

By default, they’ll be listed from highest to lowest depending on the numer of associated tasks / events, but this option can be changed in settings so it can also be displayed in alphabetical order (Preferences / Tasks / Order tags).

Edit Tags on Hightrack

To edit a tag, simply just click on it, and automatically a field will be displayed to enter the new value:

Now you can edit the Tag.

During the editing, you have two options:

  • Cancel the tag editing: pressing the ‘ESC’ key or clicking outside the text entry field.
  • Save the new name tag: pressing the ENTER key.



If you edit the Tag, Hightrack will search all your tasks and events to replace the old with the new Tag (depending on the number of associated items, this can take a while, be patient!).

Once finished, you will see your Tag updated at the same time on the Tag Manager, the focus bar and in all tasks and events.

Remove tags on Hightrack

Delete a tag from all tasks and events is as simple as clicking on the delete button for that Tag.
Like when editing, deleting Tags can take a while depending on the number of items containing it.
Once completed, the deleted Tag Manager will appear in strikethrough (so you can temporarily see the changes you’ve made) and the focus bar, tasks and events will be updated immediately.

Finally, to close the Tag Manager  just click on the close button or press the ‘ESC’ key.

This was one of the most requested features by users like you. We hope you enjoy it!

Please note that we have just updated our iOS app and that we will be updating our Android app very shortly.

Also visit our Academy for tips on how to use Hightrack and also on how to improve your personal productiviy. And check our Premium section to see what you are missing.

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Human Centered Notebook

Your Personal Productivity Notebook


You know that in Hightrack our goal is to help you be more productive and our technology platform is designed on the premise of Productivity for real people.

But, what if your productivity is beyond your computer or your mobile? Are you one of those who despite having a technological tool (as Hightrack) still goes to meetings with its notebook? We too, so we wondered: Can we also innovate in the analog world? Can we reinvent traditional notebooks?

Human Centered Notebook

We think so, so we started the Human Centered Notebook initiative. The design and development of a notebook under DIY philosophy  (Do It Yourself ) with helping people to be organize better themselves, adapting the planner to their needs and showing easing tips on how to gain productivity habits.

Forget traditional agendas, diaries and planners that limit your creativity or your personal organization. Why agenda begins on January 1st if you buy them on March 3rd? Why start you daily schedule at 08:00 am if you work in the evening or at night?

Hightrack’s Crowdfunding Project

Let us surprise you and sign up for the Human Centered Notebook proyect. We are launching this project under a Crowdfunding format that will promote over KickStater. The first to register will receive the first communications and will benefit from the rewards for “Early Birds”. Do not miss the opportunity.

Hightrack Gadgets

This will be the first of our “Gadgets” or analog productivity tools. But we expect many more to come. You can visit our new Gadget section and contact us if you want to give us ideas at notebook@hightrack.me

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Hightrack shaves for Movember

During November, the (male) Hightrack team members will participate in the “Movember” initiative. Movember Foundation is an international charity committed to promoting a happy, healthy and sustainable life for men. Since 2003, millions of people have joined the cause of men’s health, which has raised 485 million euros and has funded more than 1,000 research programs focused on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and physical inactivity.

For our part, the team has already shaved his face full and started growing lustrous mustaches. All with the goal of raising funds for the foundation. The first was “Pelocho” (Alberto Sanz), who did not hesitate to jump on the Movember truck that has come to see us at Tecnilógica’s office.


Pelocho before


Pelocho on Movember

Pelocho after

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How to use Siri to capture your tasks on Hightrack

Would you like to record your tasks on Hightrack with Siri? Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture your tasks on your iPhone or iPad with voice notes? One of our users, Juan Antonio Casado, has “hacked” the app and discovered a formula to capture its new tasks on Hightrack using Siri. And best of all, he described the process to us… And we want to share it with you. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can now record your tasks with just your voice!

Post by Juan Antonio:

One of the needs of any task manager system, perhaps the most important, is the ability to capture tasks at any time and quickly. When the task comes to you, you have to be able to, at that moment, collect it in a reliable place with the least possible effort.

The seconds it took to unlock my iPhone and make the few touches that requires Hightrack to record a task in my inbox were too many for me. I checked with the guys at Hightrack, and the functionality of adding tasks directly from my mind was on their roadmap but still it would take a while, so I decided to do some research and make a shortcut that allowed me to dictate tasks over the phone.

What follows is a shortcut for iPhone (or iPad), but I’m sure you can do something similar in other operating systems. Using Siri, iOS Reminders, IfThisThenThat and the “email to task” functionality can put tasks directly in the inbox of Hightrack. We give a few laps to get something relatively simple, but once configured will function as if it were magic.

He is, step by step, how to do it.

  1. Create an account in IFTTT
  2. If you have the app IFTTT on your mobile, install it and give permissions so it can read the iOS Reminders app.
  3. Add the Siro-to-Hightrack IFTTT recipe so it reads and sends reminders by email to Hightrack
  4. Select your Hightrack email address. You can find it at your Hightrack’s preferences page

To place a task on your inbox, just press the button on your iPhone and say “Remember {task name}”

I’ve been using it a few months and works reasonably well. The IFTTT app sometimes takes long to read Reminders, according to documentation about 15 ‘at best, but I’ve had days when it had a more irregular behavior. To soothe your OCD remember that the task will always remain on “reminders” and that gives us confidence to recovere it if neccesary without fear of being lost.

Can you think of any other option? Share it with me! ;)

Juan Antonio

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Hightrack update for iOS

iphone calendar cordatdo con difuminado

Your favorite personal productivity app, Hightrack, updates its iOS version. You can find it on iTunes for free  (as always).

iOS update

In this new version we have improved the stability of the application and solved some bugs according to feedback from our users. Thank you very much for your continued support and feedback. We continue working to offer the best possible productivity application.

With this new iOS version you can reorder lists and tasks the same way you can already do on the web app. This way you will have more freedom to organize Hightrack according to your needs.


And this version is fully compatible with all iPad devices. You can enjoy all the functionality of the application on any screen. IPhone, iPad, your Computer

ipad track apaisado english peque


For the next version we hope to have in place the focus bar and some other surprises.

Our next milestone in mobile will be launching the new version of Android we hope to have operational during November.

Download or updated on iTunes

Available on itunes


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Hightrack’s quickbar is here!

Hightrack Quickbar English

At last! Simple, elegant and efficient. This is the new quickbar from Hightrack. You can take quick notes of your tasks while you’re doing other stuff. You can open the bar with the keyboard shortcuts, write down what you need and close the bar by pressing twice “enter” (only once if you want to include another task).

Shortcuts to “Restore” or “Close”

Hightrack in Windows
Hightrack in Mac

Everything you write down (and save) on the bar will be synchronized with your Hightrack account. You can record a task and automatically have it available in your web or mobile app.

For your convenience you can assign the task to a list and include labels, or a deadline. Look how easy!


You can donwload the files here:

available_osx available_win

For more information

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Roadmap 4Q 2015

What’s New on Hightrack?

The last quarter of 2015 will make a difference for Hightrack. Although this year we could not go as fast as we would have liked, we are finally ready for a large deployment in the coming months. Here is our roadmap for what’s left of 2015.

Already happened
During this September we have worked on the stability of the web app and improving the user experience with some features, such as the reorganization of lists and tasks. You will be able to order tasks automatically or manually according to your own criteria.

The nearest
In October we will be launching a new version of the iOS mobile app. This update fix bugs that our users have sent us (thank you, without you this would not be possible). The Android version is almost ready, but we have decided to launch it a bit later (coinciding with the next iOS version) to strengthen its stability.

Very soon
Following the new iOS version, during mid-quarter, we will launch new features on our mobile apps that will include the reorganization of lists and tasks, add the focus bar and the tag editor. This is when we will launch the new Android version (bug fixing and new features, all in one).

Next steps
You have asked us for it repeatedly and have it in the oven. We launched the “quickbar“, a first version of our application for desktop (Mac and Windows) in October, and early next year we expect to launch the full version that includes all the functionality of the Web application.

In parallel we are working on something that will take Hightrack to the next level. You will be able to share events (first phase) and tasks (a little later).

Next Year
And if this last quarter will make a difference, 2016 will be even better. Earlier that year we will be launching new web and mobile applications. We are focusing on improving their design and UX so the experience you have is simply spectacular. We will be launching something we all are waiting for, native iPad and tablet versions.

Exciting, don’t you think? There are many of you who have trusted Hightrack and we hope to give you back that confidence with a more reliable, more complete and personal application. We are productivity for people, we are productivity for you.

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