GTD Lab + Hightrack = Productivity without limits

Today is a great day for Hightrack! We start a new school year, and we do it in the best posible way: welcoming Jeroen Sangers, Alberto Barbero, Antonio José Masiá and José Miguel Bolívar, founders of GTD Lab, a well-known GTD community in Spain.

From the very first day, we have read, listened and analyzed every suggestion you have sent our way. One of the most frequent requests was to integrate Hightrack and GTD. We are now collaborating with GTD Lab in order to guarantee that the GTD approach will be present both in the app development and in our Learning Zone content.

I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your trust and support during this first year, in the name of the entire Hightrack team. We are sure that our new features, service improvements and the collaborators that will join us in the following weeks will be of great help to improve even more your experience using Hightrack.

Your productivity is the most important thing for us.

On Track!
Enrique Gonzalo
Founder and CEO at Hightrack

Jeroen Sangers
El Canasto

Alberto Barbero
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Antonio José Masiá
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José Miguel Bolívar
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On Track!
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