Hightrack 2.1 for Android

Today we released the new Android app through the Google Play store. In this case it is version 2.1 that includes a Widget (to show the track “Today).  From version 2.0 on we include many new features among which are a new interface design (material design), improved general stability and a new timing system that improves reliability.

Hightrack 2.0 Android

As a result of the improved stability, the offline operation of the application is much more robust, optimizing the time of synchronization and thus enriching the user experience.

Hightrack Android 2.1 also includes programmable alarms, allows a rearrangement of tasks and lists and includes the so-called “focus bar” which allows you to filter tasks depending on whether you are active, if they have a deadline, if they have been favorited, if they are programmed or if they have been completed.

The new app needs a minimum of 4.5 MB of space available, an Android 4.0 (Icecream) or higher and is adapted to devices 7 “and 10” inches in landscape view.


android Hightrack 2.0 Tablet


You can update or download the new version:



This is the first of many updates we hope will respond to your requests.


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