Hightrack’s new Tag Manager

Here is Hightrack‘s new Tag Manager! Now you can edit and delete tags associated with your tasks and events in a fast and easy way.

The Tag Manager is in the focus bar, at the end of list of tags:

unnamed (1)

Clicking on the button, a dialog will be displayed with a list of all tags you’ve assigned over your life in Hightrack to tasks or events that are still active.

By default, they’ll be listed from highest to lowest depending on the numer of associated tasks / events, but this option can be changed in settings so it can also be displayed in alphabetical order (Preferences / Tasks / Order tags).

Edit Tags on Hightrack

To edit a tag, simply just click on it, and automatically a field will be displayed to enter the new value:

Now you can edit the Tag.

During the editing, you have two options:

  • Cancel the tag editing: pressing the ‘ESC’ key or clicking outside the text entry field.
  • Save the new name tag: pressing the ENTER key.



If you edit the Tag, Hightrack will search all your tasks and events to replace the old with the new Tag (depending on the number of associated items, this can take a while, be patient!).

Once finished, you will see your Tag updated at the same time on the Tag Manager, the focus bar and in all tasks and events.

Remove tags on Hightrack

Delete a tag from all tasks and events is as simple as clicking on the delete button for that Tag.
Like when editing, deleting Tags can take a while depending on the number of items containing it.
Once completed, the deleted Tag Manager will appear in strikethrough (so you can temporarily see the changes you’ve made) and the focus bar, tasks and events will be updated immediately.

Finally, to close the Tag Manager  just click on the close button or press the ‘ESC’ key.

This was one of the most requested features by users like you. We hope you enjoy it!

Please note that we have just updated our iOS app and that we will be updating our Android app very shortly.

Also visit our Academy for tips on how to use Hightrack and also on how to improve your personal productiviy. And check our Premium section to see what you are missing.

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