How to use Siri to capture your tasks on Hightrack

Would you like to record your tasks on Hightrack with Siri? Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture your tasks on your iPhone or iPad with voice notes? One of our users, Juan Antonio Casado, has “hacked” the app and discovered a formula to capture its new tasks on Hightrack using Siri. And best of all, he described the process to us… And we want to share it with you. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can now record your tasks with just your voice!

Post by Juan Antonio:

One of the needs of any task manager system, perhaps the most important, is the ability to capture tasks at any time and quickly. When the task comes to you, you have to be able to, at that moment, collect it in a reliable place with the least possible effort.

The seconds it took to unlock my iPhone and make the few touches that requires Hightrack to record a task in my inbox were too many for me. I checked with the guys at Hightrack, and the functionality of adding tasks directly from my mind was on their roadmap but still it would take a while, so I decided to do some research and make a shortcut that allowed me to dictate tasks over the phone.

What follows is a shortcut for iPhone (or iPad), but I’m sure you can do something similar in other operating systems. Using Siri, iOS Reminders, IfThisThenThat and the “email to task” functionality can put tasks directly in the inbox of Hightrack. We give a few laps to get something relatively simple, but once configured will function as if it were magic.

He is, step by step, how to do it.

  1. Create an account in IFTTT
  2. If you have the app IFTTT on your mobile, install it and give permissions so it can read the iOS Reminders app.
  3. Add the Siro-to-Hightrack IFTTT recipe so it reads and sends reminders by email to Hightrack
  4. Select your Hightrack email address. You can find it at your Hightrack’s preferences page

To place a task on your inbox, just press the button on your iPhone and say “Remember {task name}”

I’ve been using it a few months and works reasonably well. The IFTTT app sometimes takes long to read Reminders, according to documentation about 15 ‘at best, but I’ve had days when it had a more irregular behavior. To soothe your OCD remember that the task will always remain on “reminders” and that gives us confidence to recovere it if neccesary without fear of being lost.

Can you think of any other option? Share it with me! ;)

Juan Antonio

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