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You know that in Hightrack our goal is to help you be more productive and our technology platform is designed on the premise of Productivity for real people.

But, what if your productivity is beyond your computer or your mobile? Are you one of those who despite having a technological tool (as Hightrack) still goes to meetings with its notebook? We too, so we wondered: Can we also innovate in the analog world? Can we reinvent traditional notebooks?

Human Centered Notebook

We think so, so we started the Human Centered Notebook initiative. The design and development of a notebook under DIY philosophy  (Do It Yourself ) with helping people to be organize better themselves, adapting the planner to their needs and showing easing tips on how to gain productivity habits.

Forget traditional agendas, diaries and planners that limit your creativity or your personal organization. Why agenda begins on January 1st if you buy them on March 3rd? Why start you daily schedule at 08:00 am if you work in the evening or at night?

Hightrack’s Crowdfunding Project

Let us surprise you and sign up for the Human Centered Notebook proyect. We are launching this project under a Crowdfunding format that will promote over KickStater. The first to register will receive the first communications and will benefit from the rewards for “Early Birds”. Do not miss the opportunity.

Hightrack Gadgets

This will be the first of our “Gadgets” or analog productivity tools. But we expect many more to come. You can visit our new Gadget section and contact us if you want to give us ideas at notebook@hightrack.me

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