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5 ideas to make the most of your Stacks

5 ideas to make the most of your Stacks

Practical ideas to use stacks on Hightrack in the smart way.

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Stacks aren’t just a good solution for a tidier Sidebar in Hightrack; as you are about to discover, they also increase your efficiency and help you develop positive habits for personal productivity.

Moreover, in Hightrack Stacks can be used for your Tasks, Calendar and Tracks. When done right, this will improve all your productivity experience. A good Stacks strategy will let you see and focus quicker, find anything faster, move things around more efficiently, work better.

Here you will find some practical ideas to make the most out of your Stacks. You don’t even need them all: use one or two of them to give your sidebar a new life.

1. Unify your key projects

Professional life, personal life… How many projects are you managing right now? A few of them, for sure. And they are not all created equal. You probably have 4 or 5 “star” projects that stand out from the rest, where you work most of your time.

If it is so, why don’t you group them in a single Stack on top of your Sidebar? This way, if your Sidebar has 30 or 40 lists, you won’t lose a second trying to find that important project. With your “Top projects” Stack, everything is… on top! Top projects are grouped and accessible at any time, to help you find them and move tasks to them from the Inbox or any other list.

There is a fundamental organization principle behind this suggestion: Always have at hand what you use the most.

2. Group tracks by theme

Track Builder allows you to build many different tracks to use at different moments of the day, or for certain projects. For example, many people have 2-3 tracks to start or finish their work day. Others have specific tracks for moments where they need to concentrate or achieve high productivity levels working on high value tasks.

When you work this way, using specific track for certain moments or certain work, you achieve something a lot of people have trouble with: you generate habits and routines, which as you know are essential for personal productivity.

3. Separate your areas of responsibility

Areas of responsibility are the main areas of your life. In turn, they can be divided into other groups (projects, task lists…). For example:

Instead of mixing areas or keeping these tasks in no logical order, group them for clarity. This way, not only you get to have everything in its place, but you also concentrate better, avoiding distractions. When it’s time to focus on your professional projects, you focus your mind on the “Work” Stack, and so on.

4. Group your clients

In a way, clients are similar to star projects: you need to give a lot of attention and dedication to the numerous tasks and actions tied to them. Why not use a “Customers” stack to do it better? You can add different tracks to that Stack depending on what you want to do.

5. Store your old projects

Projects come and go. Many get finished, but some get stopped. Sometimes you need to abandon them for some time and retake them later. Don’t let those projects just sitting there, obscuring your view. Create a special Stack called “Old Projects” and move there everything that is not active at the moment.

Remember that you can expand/collapse the Stack at any time; it can sit on your sidebar as long as you want, taking up hardly any space, no matter how many lists are in it.

A little bit of attention and some ideas like these, and you will become more organized and efficient with a tool you will use thousands of times in a year: Hightrack. :-)

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