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7 Essential tips to build your tracks

7 Essential tips to build your tracks

Customized tracks will be your productivity secret weapon. We share 7 tips to build your tracks the right way.

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As a Premium user you can create as many customized tracks as you want. And that’s why we’d like to share with you 7 simple but very useful tips to make the most of your custom made tracks.

Set a clear purpose

What is this track for? Does it have a very clear purpose? When building tracks think about situations, people or moments. Try to define the purpose of the track in one comprehensible sentence:

  • A watch-list for my VIP clients.
  • A workspace for my 2-3 main projects.
  • A workset when I’m tired.
  • A watch-list for my delegated tasks.
  • A working routine for the week kick-off.

Figure out the structure

Take a couple of minutes to figure out how you should build your track. Take a piece of paper and draw the structure for your track: best work-mode to fit what you want (overview, get it done or review), ingredients to include, etc. This first step will help you to add exactly what you need, instead of adding too much stuff.

Avoid too broad tracks

Personalized tracks are meant to target your attention even more than the default tracks. And that’s why they should show much less information and elements. If you’re thinking in one track to cover too many situations, you will build a misleading and inaccurate track. There’s nothing wrong on having 15 different tracks, if they have a clear goal and they help you to focus.

Group your tracks using Stacks

Stacks are awesome, not only for having an uncluttered sidebar, but to group all your tracks based on your favorite criteria. This will help you to find more focus and divide all your tracks in zones. Some ideas:

  • Areas of Responsibility: work, customers, classes, family, personal…
  • Working moments: focus, energy, end of week…
  • My tasks: main projects, MITs (Most Important Tasks), microtasks…
  • People: customers, providers, my boss, my team, kids…

Use permanent or disposable tracks

You can perfectly have 8 long-term tracks for your working or personal routines. Or you can create tracks on the fly to use them just for a couple of days. Or even one day. We call them ‘disposable’ tracks, and they can be extremely handy.

Review and update your tracks

In some aspects your tracks are similar to your Email smart filters. You need to review them every 3-4 weeks to check if you need to update them, or tweak any detail. Or even delete one track if it’s no longer valid or useful. Adjusting any detail with the Track Builder only takes a minute.

Stay alert to create new tracks

Your work and life are in constant motion. New projects, new assignments, new responsibilities, new customers, or just your next holiday or a family celebration. Although you surely don’t need to create a track for everything, you may stay alert to find new opportunities. One new track can make the difference.

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