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End of day routine: review & plan

End of day routine: review & plan

Learn how you’ve worked & prepare tomorrow’s work plan. Upcoming can help you do both.


Let’s talk about one of the most powerful productivity habits you can build into your work: at the end of the day, Review what you’ve done and Plan for the next day. The upside for you? Well, this has been the upside for us:

When you’re not used to review and plan at the end of the day, it’s easy to forget to do it. To avoid forgetting (and to help build a habit), you can create a daily event at the end of the day. Set up an alarm for it!

This is the two-step end of the day routine we suggest:


We have created a great track on Hightrack just for this: Report. There you will find all your recent activity, including both finished and unfinished tasks. This information will help you understand the way you are working (what are you achieving? What ends up unfinished?), and at the same time, it will allow you plan your work for the next day.

These questions will help you realize many small details about the way you work that you usually don’t notice when you are, well, working! Once you have answered them, you’ll be able to go to step 2, which is…


Quick, switch tracks! Now we go from Report to Upcoming. First we check tomorrow’s timeline. A quick glance at the stats will give you valuable information such as:

Before focusing on your tasks, check how many events you have tomorrow. Events are chunks of your day when you can’t be working on your tasks. The more events you have, the fewer tasks you will complete. Knowing exactly how many hours you have for tasks will help you build a realistic to-do list.

Working smart means choosing better your tasks for tomorrow. To do that, you need to stop and assess what you have done today.

Now go to your planned tasks for tomorrow. You can see them grouped by list/project or tag/context. If you see you have missed an important task, star it! This way you’ll see it first thing tomorrow (starred tasks appear on top of the “Today” track).

Think of this view as a photo of your workload and you real working hours. And once you have it, choose to…

For many years we worked without reviewing and planning at the end of the day, and we didn’t get the results we were expecting. Since we started this habit, everything changed. Give it a try!

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