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How to track important clients

How to track important clients

Create a special overview workset to track the activity of your VIP customers. Use Hightrack’s “Tracks” to monitor you most important clients todo’s.

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They are your VIP clients. They amount for most of the results that you expect, so you have to give them the best service. By no means can you miss a milestone or a deadline.

When you work with clients like that, one of the key points is knowing what is going to happen before it actually does. And much more important: be several steps ahead in deadlines, milestones and important delivery dates. But normally, what happens? Our day to day life is so full of things, and we work so fast, that important events or tasks related to those clients just… fly by.

Track Overview

With a customized Overview track you can control all the activity pertaining to your most important clients.

But wait! Before you open your Track Builder, we recommend that you do one thing. Take a few minutes to plan how you are going to build your track, and most importantly, choose carefully which 2-3 VIP clients are you going to include in this track. The idea is not to have everyone there, but to include only those that require that extra little bit of attention.

    7-30 days
    (depending on your needs).
    2-3 task lists, and 1 calendar
    (with all the activity of your 2-3 clients).

With this customized track you will have a timeline that will only show the activity from your VIP clients. It is like a TV channel that shows only those clients, and where you will only see the tasks and events that require your total attention in the next few days. Let’s see now what can we do with that “channel”.

Daily and weekly review

Reviewing the next activity related with your VIP clients has to be a daily and weekly routine. You have to turn it into something that you repeat as much as washing your teeth. From our own experience, we would recommend you do this review at the end of the day (before going home) and at the end of the week (Friday at noon). That way, you will be able to review the new assignments that have arrived during the day/week, shape your plan for tomorrow/next week, or adjust some details.

QUICK TIP Remember: the key with your VIP clients is always to be ahead of your tasks and events, not behind.

Ahead of deadlines

Adding tasks in Hightrack is super fast. But don’t let that speed fool you and miss a key detail: the Due date for your clients’ tasks. Set one, or you will forget about them. In Personal Productivity, WHEN is as important as WHAT.

When you add a Due date to your tasks, they will show up ahead of time in the timeline of the track you have created. Let’s say that again: ahead of time. And that is just what you need to happen if you want to provide a good service without hastiness or stress.

Creating your own Overview track to follow your main clients is like having a radar. It will allow you to know exactly what is coming up, and be several steps ahead on delivery deadlines and milestones.


Preparing meetings

All meetings require preparations. But in the case of your VIP clients that is something you can never overlook. That is why you need to see in advance (several days/weeks before) when do you have meetings with them. With this track, they will appear as events in your timeline, and in each day’s detailed view.

And something that we always recommend: when you name a meeting, try to make the first word of the title “meeting”. That way, you will always be able to identify them immediately. The same goes for Lunch, Trip, Call…

Special tasks

You are going to do a lot of things for your top 2-3 clients. But not all of them are the same. You need to focus on your key tasks: your MITs (Most Important Tasks). How can I do that? It’s very easy. When you plan/review each day or week, star those that are more important than the rest.

This simple gesture will allow you to see those tasks clearly in two places of your custom track:

1. In your weekly timeline you will be able to see how many special tasks you have to carry out in the next few days.

2. In the detail for each day you will be able to see which tasks are starred. Expand the task, and you can check out its details, read the description, or even see a note that you may have attached to that particular task.

Remember, you will see this several days or even weeks ahead. And that’s exactly what we want!

Modify and adjust your track

Maybe you have just signed up with a new and important client and it is worth it to add them to your VIP clients list. No problem. The good thing about customized tracks is that at any time you can edit them to suit your needs: you can add or delete clients (lists), add tags, or change anything you want.

Stay alert, because your work is a living thing, constantly moving and evolving. With customized tracks you will follow up more closely on your work, and you will do it better every day.

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