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Maintain your personal blog

Maintain your personal blog

There’re tons of tasks and details behind any blog. Let Hightrack help you maintain your blog with the small things, so you can enjoy more.


Technology, music, movies, sports… You love your blog and want it to be a little better every day. But there are a lot of small details and tasks behind the scenes, and you need to keep them under control: new post ideas, design tweaks, maintenance tasks, and many more. Hightrack can help you a lot with all this. Here are some ideas from our own experience (actually, from our own experience maintaining this website!).

Ideas for future posts

Here is a Personal Productivity principle that not everybody knows: your task lists aren’t only for things you have to do, but also for recording new ideas. You can have a list on Hightrack where you collect ideas and suggestions for future articles. As soon as you see or think of an issue you want to write about, write it down at once. Pint it down before you forget it. With our mobile apps for iOS and Android you’ll be able to do it on-the-go.

Repeating tasks

Every blog involves a bunch of behind-the-scenes maintenance tasks. Backing up your posts, copying your settings or key files, updating plugins, cleaning up o updating your code… And all of them need to be done periodically. But sometimes we forget them… because they are not listed anywhere. Create those tasks asap!

But be smart and do it right: devote 10 minutes to listing your maintenance tasks and setting the best repeating interval for each one of them. The advanced options dialog for repeating tasks in Hightrack is truly great and will allow you to create any combination for your repeating tasks.

QUICK TIP If you have a tendency to forget something, use a repeating task for it. It’s very helpful!

Publishing dates

When did you publish that post? When are you planning on posting this other one? When are you going to launch that special promotion or that competition? Use Hightrack’s calendar and a couple of tags (like “blog” and “promo”) to keep an exhaustive record of your publishing dates, both future and past.

Just a click away from your tasks, you will have all of your blog’s history at hand, to remember when what happened.

For Premium Users only

About Premium

Do more with Notes

As a Premium user, you attach notes to your tasks, and that gives you new organization possibilities. After all, why switch to another app when you can have all your notes “stuck” on your workspace? Look…

  • Research materials

    When you create a task to write an article, you can add really useful information right there, in a Note: weblinks, bibliography, quotes, statistics or any other data you ‘re going to need when you write.

  • Design tweaks

    When you’re on the Internet, you constantly see cool things you could use to improve your blog looks: a new icon set, a new and more attractive color combination or a novel design for the comments tree. You know what that turns into? A zillion links you’re going to have to visit when it’s time to tweak all that. Why don’t you just paste them there in a Note?

  • Code snippets

    A new CSS style for buttons, a jQuery effect for the home page, better code for the navbar… No matter if you are an expert or a newbie, you blog can see a lot of code in a year. Grab that new code snippet and paste it on the task you just created. That way, when you go to work on that task you won’t have to lose valuable time looking for it.

  • Write post drafts

    No one would say that Hightrack is an app made for drafting your next blog post, but if you feel inspired and start writing, why should you stop? Take advantage of that idea flow and write your post’s basic structure: one, two, three paragraphs, whatever you need. You’ll see how convenient it is to have it there at hand, right inside your task :-)

Do more with Tracks

And what about the real heart of Hightrack? What can Tracks do for your blog? As a Premium user you can access the Track Builder, where you can create one or several tracks just for your blog. Not the general Track where all your projects with all your activity are, but a special one for your beloved blog.

Focus Track Hightrack

Focus Track Hightrack

For example, you can create an overview Track to control your blog’s activity in the next two weeks. What for?

  • To see in advance which blog tasks have a due date soon (including the repeated ones we’ve seen before).
  • To see what posts have you planned in the next two weeks, in case you need to prepare something in advance.

Do you still think that maintaining and improving your blog is a demanding task? If you do it alone, probably yes. And Hightrack, as you can see, offers you a couple of alternatives.

Happy blogging!

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