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Make the most when you’re tired

Make the most when you’re tired

Is it possible to be productive even when you’re running out of stamina? Sure it is!


We’ve all been there: it’s almost the end of the day (or Friday, after a week of work), and you are dead tired. It’s normal. You have completed your planned tasks, but there’s still time before leaving. You say to yourself that you should do something more.

Surfing the web for a while or checking your social media mentions sounds really tempting, but you’d rather do something productive before you go home. How to do it when you’re almost running on empty? With habits and software, our favorite combination here at Hightrack.

1. Personal routine

Before starting any task, however small it is, start blocking any distraction on sight (especially digital distractions). Distractions are the worst enemies of your productivity, but much more so when you’re tired. Follow these steps:

If you feel like it, play some music on your headphones (no need to disturb anyone). Often your favorite album can give you the impulse you need for the final straight of your workday.

And now, open Hightrack. It’s time to check which tasks can you accomplish at this hour.

2. In Hightrack

Hightrack features a work mode that is perfect for moments like this: Focus. It’s a Track that lets you choose the tasks you are going to do according to the energy the demand: high, medium or low. In this case, we search for low energy tasks.

QUICK TIP Including the “energy” information when you are adding or editing your tasks it’s very important. Many people don’t do because they see it as an annoyance, but in the end it’s really worth it. These are the details that allow you to work smarter, choosing the task that better fits the situation (the “tired” situation, in this case).

1. Go to Tracks → Focus → Select work mode based on ‘Energy’.

2. Click on ‘Low’ (or even ‘Medium’ if you’re not too tired).

3. Start working on the first task.

4. Enjoy the music as you finish your day.

For Premium users only

About Premium
You can use the Focus track as well, but it’s even better to create a customized track for those moments of exhaustion. Using your own combination, you can focus just on certain lists with the energy level you choose, instead of seeing tasks from all your lists. For example, you can select tasks from 3-4 lists, 2 tags and ‘low’ energy.

Some time ago, work consisted just on doing more. Nowadays, we need to do it better. That’s why it’s essential to know which task to choose when you’re tired. But never forget personal habits: your anti-distractions routine before launching Focus is what allows you to be productive instead of wasting your time.

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