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My weekly roadmap: how to plan your tasks

My weekly roadmap: how to plan your tasks

The best way to keep on track and accomplish your goals is creating a weekly roadmap including the main points of your “trip” and the route you should follow. Read up to learn the 3 steps of a weekly roadmap!

Today I am going to share with you a personal discovery. Something I secretly call “My change” and something that beyond the resonance to self-help book has been a turning point for my productivity, my achievements and my quality of life.

Before my discovery, every single week began in the same way: I sat at 9:00 am Monday morning in my office, checked my e-mail inbox, spent some time sorting out matters from the previous week … and then I used to take care of urgencies, issues and minor matters that killed my time and energy. A week on autopilot, in short.

Then, one day, I started googling out of concern for my personal productivity and my achievements.I wanted to fight that feeling of being bogged down; to fight that stress, this feeling of “getting lost in the week”, entangled with tasks and trifles that drained my energy, preventing me from making progress on what was really important to me. That day I began to care seriously about my personal productivity, my habits … So this very day I started reading, training myself and above all, I decided I wanted to change.

Since then I have changed my habits and improved my results. I’m much more focused now.

One of those changes I’ve implemented is what I call “My weekly route plan“. Thanks to this new “formula”, I have a sharper image of my week, I know what I want to achieve and my energy and time are focused on what is really important: achieving meaningful results.

What is my weekly roadmap?

1st Bird’s-eye view. Time locked

The first thing I do is check how much time I have blocked in my week planning and when exactly, or in other words, to know the real amount of time that I have got to finish tasks.

This first view gives me a more realistic approach when I am planning my week.

2nd  My goals for the week

I have a list solely for my annual, monthly and weekly goals. Every week I translate my weekly goals into actions. These are my priorities.

Each week I review those weekly goals. You can not imagine the clarity that this brings me. Terrific! At all times, I keep in mind what I want to achieve, and that has greatly improved my results and my focus.


3rd A key task for each day

A key task? That’s right. Each day, in advance, when I plan my week, I set a key task for each day.

This key task is a special task, which demands the best from me, but the main thing is it is aligned with my weekly goals.

Oh My! This has dramatically changed my week and my results


Elements of my Weekly Roadmap

Bird’s-Eye View – Targets for the Week – Key Tasks


Steps for weekly planification

This weekly roadmap is one of the changes I have implemented lately and the result is causing radical changes in my achievements.

Now I have a route. I know what I want.

José María Villarmea

[Translation by Elena Alemany
Hightrack Team
On track!]

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