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Organizing your classes & homework

Organizing your classes & homework

Practical ideas to use Hightrack to organize your classes, homework and exams with less anxiety.


No matter if you are still in school or already in university, or if you combine work and study: you know that studying generates lots of activity. It fills up your schedule: homework, essays, practices, tutorials and the unavoidable exams, not to mention, well, classes. How do you organize all that? What can you do when organizing your classes to be more productive?

Concentrating all the organization of your studies in Hightrack will allow you to study with less anxiety and most of all, not to miss anything. Use Tasks and Calendar to keep everything logged and organized. You will then be able to have everything under control with the tracks Today and Upcoming. How can I do that? We will tell you in this practical guide:

Organizing with lists

Most people create a task list for each of their subjects at school, but that does not have to be like that. Creating separate lists is only worth it when: a) they generate a lot of activity on their own; or b) you tend to get confused when you mix things.

It’s not worth it to have 2-3 lists, if they are empty most of the time. Make just one list with all those subjects that have less movement. Remember that you also have tags and subtasks at your disposal. With them you can have fewer lists but still a lot of organizing power.

Adding new tasks

When classes pile up, tasks pile up too! Small, medium or large, it does not matter; they are things you have to do. Our main recommendation is that you note down new tasks (and calendar dates) immediately. Do not wait until the end of the class or the morning to do it, you risk forgetting things.

If you do not have your computer in front of you, use the Higtrack app in your mobile device to capture things fast. And do not forget to add as many details as you can in that moment. Pay special attention to these ones:

Rely on Tags

Tags are wonderful for giving that extra boost to your organization. And as Hightrack includes them in the calendar too, you have two reasons to include them when you add or edit. For your studies, you can handle two types of tags:

Remember that both in Tasks and in Calendar you can filter your tags using the Focusbar. You can do that by clicking on a tag, or even combining several tags (to select more than one, press SHIFT+click). In this way, you can choose which tasks/events are related with Chemistry and Lab practice.

Scheduling with Calendar

We are sure that you will be very grateful for having the calendar just next to your tasks, without having to go to another application to check “what goes when”. When you organize your class schedule, keep an eye on this:

Tracks Today & Upcoming

In your tracks is where all the organization that you do in Tasks and Calendar makes real sense. There is where you see all things related with your studies with total clarity. Both tasks and events. And remember: you will see it in your mobile device too, wherever you are.

With Today you will know:

With Upcoming you will know:

When we designed Hightrack, we also had student life in mind. Because we know how complicated it is to handle so many subjects, tasks and classes. We have created the tool that helps you get organized. The rest is up to you :-)

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