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How to plan your trip

How to plan your trip

Discover how Hightrack can help you to plan your trip & holidays.


Rule #1 for any good trip: Plan your trip ahead! Because the trip starts way before you pick up your luggage and walk out of your door. Years ago, travel planning could be done with a list in a piece of paper. Now we need much more. Let us share with you some tricks and tips and learn how to plan your holidays & trips with Hightrack.

Organize your lists

Have you chosen your destination already? Then it’s time to start doing everything else. Open Hightrack, go to tasks and create two new lists for your holiday: ‘Holiday Prep’ and ‘Holiday Packing’.

Even though in the next days you will be adding more tasks to those two lists, it’s a good idea to spend 10-15 minutes at the beginning creating your first tasks batch, especially for what you need to do in the next few weeks.

Quick Tip As you enter a lot of tasks in a row, don’t forget that pressing SHIFT + ENTER allows you save a task and enter the next one without having to close the window. It’s much faster this way!

Let’s start adding the first batch of tasks to the ‘Holiday Prep’ list. These are the things you need to do to prepare your trip. Things like:

  • Buy plane / train tickets.
  • Book hotels.
  • Get travel documents and passport.
  • Prepare visit itineraries.
  • Collect local info: weather, food…
  • Ask for visit recommendations.
Be sure to set a due date for most or even all of these tasks. When you are planning a trip or holiday, you don’t want any last minute surprises. A deadline will help you accomplish everything on time.

The packing checklist

Now we jump to the ‘Holiday Packing’ list. Don’t rake your brains: Internet is full of examples and templates for packing lists. You won’t forget anything: clothes, shoes, medicines, gadgets, toiletries… all you need to carry in your suitcase.

You will probably add quite a bunch of items, all of a sudden. But we all tend to pack more things than necessary, so don’t forget one of the golden rules of the traveler: Pack light! There are always items you think you may need that can be easily bought in your destination (yes, they have shops and malls too!) :-)

Essential Tags

Given that we have created only two lists for our trip, it’s a good idea to complete our system with some useful tags. That will allow you to filter your tasks, and if you are a Premium user, you’ll also be able to use them as an ingredient for your customized Tracks. Here are some tags you can use: booking, trip, packing, shopping, departure.

For Premium Users only

About Premium

Do more with Notes

As a Premium user, you have more options at your disposal. For example, you can attach Notes to your tasks. With them you can extend your two lists’ possibilities. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Find accommodations

    When you start looking for accommodations on the internet, you find there are a lot of options, and a lot of information, too: URLs to visit, reviews, addresses, phone numbers… The best you can do is write down all that info, together with your comments, in the Note attached to your “find accommodations” task. This way you won’t lose a minute searching it when the time comes to book.

  • Places to visit

    Surfing the internet you will discover restaurants, museums, parks, leisure activities and short hikes or trips for your holiday. In many cases, you can book tickets for them in advance (and that’s convenient too!) When you create every task, you can add a Note with the URL and all details you need to book or visit the place.

Create a customized Track

How to control all activity involved by your lists, tasks and tags? The answer is a customized Overview Track, because that’s one of the keys to successful travel planning: stay ahead of everything you need to do.

Creating a “map” of next actions for your trip is very easy when most of your tasks have a due date and you have completed your system with tags.

How to build this track?
  • Workmode
  • Period
    2 weeks
  • Elements
    2 lists
    5 tags

Tasks before you leave

We have left for the end a very important part of leaving on vacation: preparing your home for your absence. You need to get to the airport, but there are other things to do that are worth having written down. Add them as subtasks or create a last-minute list with things like:

  • Set up the vacation responder.
  • Make sure someone has your travel details (dates, itinerary…).
  • Avoid posting too many details of your trip on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Keep your home safe: shut off electricity, water lines, lock doors and windows…

Ready for your next trip? Enjoy it more planning it in advance with Hightrack.

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