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Taking advantage of time pockets

Taking advantage of time pockets

Make use of that ‘in-between’ time to speed up your day. One of the secrets of productivity is to advantage of time pockets.


‘Time pockets’ are small stretches of time that you often find in the middle of two tasks, after a meeting, before going to lunch, or while you wait for something to finish. Even though lots of people do not make the most of these little bits we find throughout the day, they can be enormously productive. The key is knowing what to do exactly with those 5, 10 or 15 minutes in front of you.

Imagine that you have just finished all the tasks you had for this morning. You look at your watch and you still have 18 minutes before you leave for your run. What can you do in this case? How can you take advantage of time pockets? With Hightrack you have two options (we tell you both of them so you can choose one).

Work in your lists

Hightrack includes a track that is pure gold for handling these “time pockets”. It is called Focus, and it allows you to choose tasks from your lists depending on the (approximate) amount of time that they need to be finished. This is what you can do with these 18 minutes that you have in front of you:

1. Go to Tracks → Focus → Time.

2. Click the option for 5 or 15 minutes (depending on the number of tasks that you have there).

3. Start doing those tasks in screen… and do not stop until you are finished.

QUICK TIP Two golden rules of Personal Productivity are the backbone of this track and these simple gestures: 1) choose your next action depending on the stretch of time you have in front of you; 2) finish what you start and avoid leaving tasks halfway done.

For Premium users only

About Premium
If you often have lots of “time pockets”, and if when they come up you would like to work in some specific lists only, now it is even easier. With Track Builder, you can create a customized track with 5 minutes tasks only for those lists. Call it “Time Pockets” and drag the icon from the Sidebar to the Dock. This is how all those fast tasks will be only one click away, and you will save time when you start working.

Light work routines

But, what happens if you do not want to work on your lists, or simply you do not normally fill the “Time” field when you add or create your tasks? Can you still make the most of “time pockets”? Of course you can!

What you can do is play around with a series of low-requirement tasks or routines that require very little time, for those empty moments throughout the day. These routines are light activities that we all have to do at some point of the day or the week. Things like:

See? They are quick but productive things, that you have to do at some point of the day or the week, and they are perfect for that in-between time that we normally let go.

Let us finish with this idea: “time pockets” are one of the best kept secrets of Personal Productivity. If you make good use of them, you can speed up your day and advance through many tasks that normally get in the way of more important things.

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