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The importance of resting and disconnecting

The importance of resting and disconnecting

Without a good rest, physical and mental, there is no ideas, motivation, power, innovation, nor creativity. The importance of resting and to disconnect.


I would say relax and unplug is of paramount importance, vital, essential, fundamental. One of the core values ​​of any entrepreneur should be resting. Take care, pamper and invest in it everything we can, an obligation.

Without a good rest, physical and mental, there is no ideas, no motivation, no illusion, no power, no innovation, no creativity, no company or project or task or learning or study or training or anything.

So widespread the phrase “sleep is for the weak” I think is one of the biggest crap you can hear today. Sleep is smart, because with adequate rest you are investing in youself. The first and main beneficiary of resting well is always you. The challenge is not to see who holds more with eyelids open, but make the best of ourselves, do things better, live better.

The rest of course is not only sleep, rest or “do nothing”. It is also about how we spend our leisure and free time. It consists of leisure activities and tasks that promote entertainment, relaxation and excitement.

I’ll pick in this article some of the keys to unwind and rest better. They are not the only ones, and are not the best,they are simply those that have worked for me.

Good night’s rest

“I get up knackered. What a week! We are on Tuesday and I can’t do anymore. ”

Stay with this idea that has always worked for me: it’s not about stealing sleeping time, but make the best of waking hours.

As noted above people’s sleep is one of the fundamental pieces of the next day. The energy, creativity, motivation and even the illusion are not born “just because” or fall as a godsend, but seek intentionally pursued. We must make it easy to arrive. And largely born of a proper and relaxed sleep.

Check your night’s sleep habits and ask yourself: do I care? I worry about it? I sleep enough hours? Do I truly understand the importance it plays in my day to day?

The mobile is not a remote control

Today it is very common to be watching TV and having the mobile next to the remote control. And it is there, so close at hand, and it’s so nice and shiny, it’s tempting to look askance if I have received an “important” email,  if so and so said something “important” on Twitter or something “important”has been published in this or that blog.

Stay as far as possible from your mobile phone in your downtime. If you feel tempted to take it, change it of place, take it to the next room or enclose it in a drawer.

It’s time to rest, to enjoy this fascinating book, enjoy a movie or a talk with your partner or your family. Your work is over… do not perjudiques yourself desecrating the sacred moment of rest.

You see, that “important”mail, or tweet  will still be there the next day, and you’ll be able to deal with it  with the serenity and freshness of someone who has cash in its leisure time and rest.

Time to work, time to rest

“When you’re working… work; and when you’re resting… rest. ” This truism is something that very few people get to do. We have a problem to solve, there is a task to complete and we believe, erroneously, that stealing time to rest we will do better or fix it before.

Working during time off conveys a false sense of effectiveness but what we are doing is weakening our energy, our creativity, our motivation.

Act with intelligence. It is hard to say but necessary: ​​”I’m not going to get with this. I’ll do it tomorrow, when I’m cool, clear and may batteries are full. ”

That problem, project or task will be waiting there in the morning for you to give your best to complete or fix them.

If you a mile a minute, stop to rest

Write down this phrase from Sydney J. Harris that has helped me, “You have to relax when you have no time for it.”

Especially when you’re stressed, your calendar is about to explode or there is a problem that must be solved, the best thing you can do is stop and rest. It’s hard to do but giving you a good time of entertainment is one of the keys to solve it. Because in exchange you get relaxation, determination and creativity.

The best ideas usually are born outside or away from work, when you are not with your head buried in the keyboard.

When your mind is relieved from pressure its when it creates the best ideas. But also when you have more insight and tranquility to resolve any dispute. The best of you will come out at that time.

Entertaining and varied leisure

“The weekend is over and have done nothing, and it’s Monday morning.”

In a matter of free time in general we are very little creative and varied. Almost always we do the same and tend to fall into the monotony and boredom. How anyone can be bored in their free time? You can never get tired of yourself and the things you like best. Because you really like it.

Why this happens? Because we do not pay attention to the activities we do in our leisure. Because we do not calibrate the importance of changing and trying new things.

My suggestion is to do something totally different. Start this weekend, do not wait. Do something totally different from what you are used to. Go to a concert, the theater, a museum, take a trip with friends or family, try a new flavor or cooking something different, etc. An unusual leisure activity will provide fun and will bring you creativity.

As I say we must be creative to be creative. And investing in leisure time varied and entertaining accounts.

Make room for your hobby

“I have no time for my hobby”. This is a phrase we hear nowadays very often.

And I wonder: “You really do not have time for you to invest in yourself, to take care and give you what you like best? So incredibly important is every little thing you do that keeps you from having 30-40 minutes a day to devote to what you like best? ”

In my experience there is ALWAYS time for yourself. The problem is that we have dotted our day-to-day tasks and many insignificant (and stupid) activities also repeat instinctively, that we have been led to believe that we have “no time at all.”

My proposal is this: analyze the things you do every day or every week and ask yourself if indeed they need to be done or they are taking so too long. All these activities act as a “vital mortgage.” That is, you have to”pay” for sure. Try to eliminate or reduce to the maximum and make room for the things you truly love, inspire or entertain you.

Enjoy 200%

More than once I mentioned that people are seeking more productivity, better rest and to enjoy their free time. Because during leisure time they value the work they left behind, they do well and more relaxed because they have fulfilled their tasks because they give meaning to this leisure activity.

Fun “maximization” is one of the keys to bring out creativity, motivation and energy with which every day you wake up. Fun, laughter, are essential ingredients for those seeking out the best in themselves.

And whenever you can, do it in a group. Being with friends or family and have fun multiplies the beneficial effects of your rest. You will be more and better.

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  1. Anne Preston says:

    Fantastic post-Patricia. You have an excellent grasp on this topic.
    Love the phrasing “a “vital mortgage” and the tie-ins to what short-changing our rest costs us. Not just in our health, but in our creativity and personal fulfillment too.

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