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Weekly goals: 3 keys to help you achieve them

Weekly goals: 3 keys to help you achieve them

Meeting your weekly goals is a must to be a productive person. Keep reading to learn three key ideas that will help you to achieve these goals!

How many times have you thought: “Next week I have to get done…” or “My big goal for next week is going to be…”?

Loads of times, right? But in most cases, we forget about our focus and goals, we are diverted or overwhelmed by “unexpected issues” and “emergencies” and we lose sight of  our goals until next Friday, Saturday or Sunday when we start to plan again our week … and so on, week after week. The objectives remain unaccomplished and we get carried away by tiny things. We fail to achieve our weekly goals.

How to meet our weekly goals?

Taking them seriously, being aware of them and keeping them in mind. No more, no less. And taking our weekly goals seriously means adding them to our workflow.

So, take full note. Here are 3 keys to help you achieve your weekly goals:

1st Key: Write down your weekly goals and make sense of them

This is the first step. When planning your week, the very first thing you have to know is, what are your goals for next week, what projects do you want to make progress on, what do you want to achieve.

In order to achieve this, take this task seriously. You need to write down these goals and to give them a sense, that is, be aware of the consequences of achieving these goals (what benefits you’ll get by reaching these weekly goals).

Level of commitment to your goals will change dramatically. It is so different to “think” on the goals I want to meet next week from devoting 10 minutes to write and “boost” their achievement with short-term profits. Do you visualise the difference?

Woman celebrating her weekly goals

2nd Key: Put a daily goal at the top of your “Today” list

This exercise is vital. Putting at the top of your “Today” list a daily goal, is really shocking, is of paramount importance to keep the north, to bear it in mind, to prioritize, to make this daily goal the core of your day.

Why do you need to write your goals every day?

I always say “what is not written, does not exist”. Because it is veeeery easy for the thoughts to fade out, and for us to be overwhelmed by our day-to-day life, so having our daily goals there, at the top of our list and seeing them every time you check your task list, is bound to have some impact. Don’t you think so? That’s very true!, it has a deep impact. It will work as a “clarifier” when it comes to choosing your next action.

3rd Key: Review the progress of your goals

This key action is as important as those above. Daily check to see the progress in your weekly and daily goals is the habit preventing you from losing track, the one that gets you back on track if you get diverted from the path of your goals.

I’m not talking about spending 30 minutes a day for this review. I’m talking about 3-4 minutes.

At the end of the day, when you check “How was my day”, that’s when you have to spend these 3-4 minutes to review your daily and weekly goals in order to make a mini assessment. Being aware of your weekly goals in your daily review will help you plan more wisely the following day. That way, your planning process will be always aligned with your goals.

Do you really want to make progress on your weekly goals? Try these 3 key points!

José María Villarmea

[Translation by Elena Alemany
Hightrack Team
On track!]

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