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Howtos & Tutoriales

  • 5 ideas to make the most of your Stacks

    Practical ideas to use stacks on Hightrack in the smart way.

  • Making a weekly activity report

    Making an activity report for your boss or a client is super easy using a Hightrack custom track.

  • Understanding Time & Energy

    Learn how to decide the best next task based on two powerful productivity principles. Understanding the conepts of Time and Energy (on Hightrack)

  • Simple ideas to master your tasks

    Your tasks are the bricks your results are built of. Here are simple ideas to master your tasks and boost your personal productivity

  • Using Tags in the smart way

    You have to use your judgement intelligently when you manage tags, or you will generate such a chaos that the cure will be worse than the disease. Let us help you to use tags in the smart way