Productivity to take away.

Hightrack lets you capture, plan and get things done with your smartphone.

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All your tasks
always in the palm of your hand.

We didn't want a nice app.
We wanted it useful.

Our task manager is lean, easy-to-use, and uberfast. Every aspect has been designed to give you the most productive experience when you're on the move. Every tap counts!

  • Add tasks in no time.

    Hit the Quick Bar and just type.

  • Quick Panel at hand.

    Less taps for common actions.

  • Swipe right to complete.

    Swipping is always convenient.

  • Smart badge counters.

    Showing Overdue+Due tasks.

  • Now with Subtasks (iOS).(iOS)

    Collapse or expand the family.

  • Never miss a deadline.

    Due-dates are always visible.


A full featured Calendar... in the same app.

What do you expect from a productivity partner? You look for usefulness and simplicity to make your workflow easier. That's why the first thing we did was putting tasks and events in the same place, so there’s no need to jump to another app to manage your schedule.


Quick panel:
a controller to manage your tasks.

You don’t need to enter full edit mode every time you need to add one small detail. Just swipe to left (iOS) or tap on the left (Android) and Quick Panel will give you access to frequent actions: assign due dates, mark with a star, move to another list, delete...

Add tasks in two ways

Two platforms, same inner core behind.

Color-coded events

Google, iCloud or Hightrack... no matter how many different calendars you carry with you, all events are highlighted in different colors to help you identify them.

Detailed cards

When you open any task or event, you can see all details at a glance. Time, due dates, description, tags... everything in one single screen. Want to edit anything? Just tap on it.

Simple navigation

Although our apps are filled with tons of features , you can jump from one place to another in no time . It is not just fast, it's very intuitive and practical.

Add tasks fast

Completely redesigned! The always-on-top bar makes super easy to create new tasks: tap, type and save: done! And if you need to add more details, just go full edit.


Productivity behind every pixel.

We hate as much as you do the endless tapping when you just want to make a change. That's why we designed our apps with one thing in mind: productivity, doubling our efforts to simplify the navigation and basic operations. Our apps are not just fast—they’re simple.

Always synchronized. Always backup.

How cool is having your tasks, events and your most useful smart workspaces always with you, and perfectly synced? Everything unified in one single app.
And for FREE.

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