New Hightrack Team Members

The second half of 2015 is crucial for Hightrack since we will be releasing updates and new developments in our platform as part of our goal of becoming a world leader in productivity. For this reason the Hightrack team has been renewed with the addition of great professionals both in the technical and marketing areas.

Technical area

Enrique Mendoza Robaina – CTO

Enrique Mendoza

Computer Engineering from the University of Las Palmas and Master in Robotics and Automation by the University Carlos III of Madrid, his passion is solving big problems with simple solutions.

An exceptional entrepreneur, Enrique founded his first company (Yuubo, a robotic tourist assistant) in 2009 and in parallel VEOVE.com and ReverseMe. In 2012 he co-founded Hithru, and in 2013 became part of the cuaQuea project.

Technically, he is an expert in web technologies and development for mobile platforms.

His experience as an entrepreneur prevented him from missing the opportunity of working in one of the startups with greatest potential, full of technical challenges still to be faced. He told us that he was very attracted to work in a team that really cares about its users (and we totally agree with him).


Alberto Sanz (Pelocho) – Mobile Lead Developer 


Computer Engineer from the University of Zaragoza, Pelocho enjoys above all the meetings of programmers (or “hackatones”).

In May 2013 he was selected for the project Talentum Telefonica where he would become a mentor afterwards.

Prior to joining Hightrack, Pelocho worked at Magneticwheel as Android Developer.

Pelocho joined the proyect attracted by the idea, the team and the challenges ahead. Hightrack has everything he was looking for.


Víctor García Zarco – Frontend & Backend Lead Developer 

Víctor García

Future graduate on computer engineer and business administration by the Carlos III University in Madrid, Victor the real boss.

Before joining the Hightrack team he participated in Telefónica Talentum Startups developing for the Adecco Foundation and Ericsson a web platform to guide people in the process of job search.

Victor has joined the project because, in his words, “every person is unique, and Hightrack allows each to be productive in their own way”.

Design Area

Alfonso Morcuende – UX/UI

Alfonso Morcuende

Alfonso Morcuende lives in sunny Madrid and his passion is “Good Design”. In previous lifes he has collaborated with different content and social networks companies, launched his own company and worked intensively with small startups.

He’s always trying to design clear, usable and accessible products, adding in all honesty and respect. He strongly believes in the promotion of “Good Design” so he likes collaborating with design schools, speak at conferences, write about UX in alfonsomorcuende.com, or interview designers at UXmad.es. Also, he created a methodology, Sazerac.es, for creating small projects.

Asked why he has joined the team he confesses: “I fell in love with the project. Hightrack works on a real problem with a different approach”.

Marketing Area

Jaime de la Serna – CMO

Jaime de la Serna

BA in Communications from Suffolk University (USA), Gesco by ESIC and MIB from ISDI, Jaime has extensive experience in marketing and communications.

He has worked in multinational companies such as Burson-Marsteller, Weber Shandwick or BBVA and in start-ups as O2 Health Link or betMaster.

In his own words he joins the project “because we make the difference and because we help people to be happy.”


Patricia Carrero – Lead Analytics

Patricia Carrero

Expert in Web Analytics and Digital Marketing, Patricia is passionate about measuring everything. His first life took her to the world of tourism and the organization of events, but has realized that she is digital.

Whay is she on Hightrack? “I join the team to contribute my bit to grow this company with which I identify 100% with its philosophy to simplify and optimize our daily tasks. It is a project with a promising future and I’m excited to take part in it.”

Before joining Hightrack she worked in The Extreme Collection Shop.

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