New in Premium: Email to Task

Email to Task

We know that many of you have been waiting for this nice feature. And it’s already here. From now on you can turn any email into task very easily. Just send (or forward) any message to one particular email address, and Hightrack will take care of the rest.

Your personal address

As Premium user, now you have a unique email address to send your messages. You will find it in Settings > Account.

How to create tasks

You can use both the Subject line and the Body of the message:

  • Subject: add here the main information for the task: name, list it belongs to, tags and due date (currently, it accepts today & tomorrow).
  • Body: the body of the message will be saved in the Description field (you can add up to 280 characters). If you send more text, it will be turn into a note.

Subject Line Syntax

This is the syntax base: Task name @list #tag1 #tag2 #tag3 !due date

The only mandatory part is the task name. It’s up to you if you want to add a list, tags or due date. You must always write the task name in the first place; after that, the order you write the tags, list or due date doesn’t matter.

Due Date

When you set a due date for a task, you can use both natural language and regular, day of the month dates. You just need to enter ! followed by the due date.

  • Natural language: use the word “next” followed by a day of the week: !next monday, !Next Sunday, !Next Wed, !next fri, !NEXT TUE
  • Regular dates: just enter the day and month: !March 12, !APR 20, !JUNE 30, !DEC 01, !12 September, !30 Nov, !11 Feb

Here are some examples that show you how to combine all possible elements in the subject line of an email to Hightrack:
Some examples to get you an idea:

  • Make report with last sales @marketing #reports #team !next friday
  • Debug homepage code #debug !tomorrow
  • Call Mike for next meeting !Apr 20
  • Update Netflix movie list @personal #online #movies #family !next tue
  • Clean up garage @house !next sunday
  • Prepare memo for upcoming convention @sales #team !today

As we receive tons of tasks by Email, we think you will love this new feature, because it will speed up your workflow tremendously. Well, go enjoy it :-)

On Track!