Roadmap 4Q 2015

What’s New on Hightrack?

The last quarter of 2015 will make a difference for Hightrack. Although this year we could not go as fast as we would have liked, we are finally ready for a large deployment in the coming months. Here is our roadmap for what’s left of 2015.

Already happened
During this September we have worked on the stability of the web app and improving the user experience with some features, such as the reorganization of lists and tasks. You will be able to order tasks automatically or manually according to your own criteria.

The nearest
In October we will be launching a new version of the iOS mobile app. This update fix bugs that our users have sent us (thank you, without you this would not be possible). The Android version is almost ready, but we have decided to launch it a bit later (coinciding with the next iOS version) to strengthen its stability.

Very soon
Following the new iOS version, during mid-quarter, we will launch new features on our mobile apps that will include the reorganization of lists and tasks, add the focus bar and the tag editor. This is when we will launch the new Android version (bug fixing and new features, all in one).

Next steps
You have asked us for it repeatedly and have it in the oven. We launched the “quickbar“, a first version of our application for desktop (Mac and Windows) in October, and early next year we expect to launch the full version that includes all the functionality of the Web application.

In parallel we are working on something that will take Hightrack to the next level. You will be able to share events (first phase) and tasks (a little later).

Next Year
And if this last quarter will make a difference, 2016 will be even better. Earlier that year we will be launching new web and mobile applications. We are focusing on improving their design and UX so the experience you have is simply spectacular. We will be launching something we all are waiting for, native iPad and tablet versions.

Exciting, don’t you think? There are many of you who have trusted Hightrack and we hope to give you back that confidence with a more reliable, more complete and personal application. We are productivity for people, we are productivity for you.

On Track!
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