Beta invites: we’re getting there

Just a quick update on how we’re doing with our beta invites. (Because maybe you’re wondering «where the heck is my invite?»)

As we said when we announced our Private Beta, we wanted to start slow but steady… and so we did. There are many things to keep an eye on: systems, connectivity, backups, application itself… In the last two weeks we sent a fair amount of invites but still a small batch considering the long waiting list (thank you guys!).

But good news: as everything seems to work fine in our side, we’re planning to speed up the release of invites. So don’t despair, because every week we will roll out a significant amount of new invites to test Hightrack. Just remember: everyone will receive an invite in the order that they subscribed.

We do appreciate your interest on trying Hightrack. And we do understand that you want us to hurry, but we want to do this right. Releasing this beta for thousands of people is a big deal for us. We’re getting there…

On Track!