Development status

It’s been a while since the last time we talked about our development plans. So here we are to give you an update about how we’re doing with our roadmap.

Android app

AndroidWe’re at full throttle finishing our first version. Our plan is to launch the app at the end of December (a Xmas present!). We’re thrilled with it, because it has all the productivity essence of Hightrack in a very fast app. In the next days we will be telling you more, and we’ll certainly keep you posted as we approach to the release date.

iPhone app

iPhoneLast friday we submitted to Apple our last ‘iOS6 version’. Actually, we started two weeks ago the development of a brand new version for iOS7.

Hightrack 2 for iPhone is not just a look & feel update, but a complete overhaul. The app has been redesigned top to bottom. Now it’s faster, leaner, and it includes some major features missing on the first version, such as subtasks.

Web app

Web appWe’re currently focused on improving the performance of the entire app. We want to give more speed. Much more speed. And we’re getting there. Also, we’re finishing other improvements, our Search tool, and something that many of you have been waiting: sync your iCloud calendar. We think that Santa may bring some news here ;-)

Desktop apps

DesktopAt this very moment, we’re not working on these apps. It’s very easy to get lost when you’re trying to start new things, and you have limited resources. So for the time being, we pushed them back.

We decided to keep our focus on the three platforms we already have: Web, iPhone, Android. We want to make them much better, and not just in terms of adding new features.

Dev status page

As we did during our beta period, we’d like you to follow us in this amazing journey. We want to keep you posted about our next releases and upcoming updates. That’s why we’ve created a special webpage to track our development. Make sure to bookmark this page!

But don’t worry, we will surely continue posting relevant announcements here in our blog.

On Track!