First beta invites going out

inviteAfter months of hard work, Hightrack first beta development is drawing to an end. That means that the wait is pretty much over for you. First batch of invites will be roll out in a matter of days, and you’ll be able to experience Hightrack for yourself in less than a blink of the eye (well, almost ;-)

At this very moment, there’re a significant group of people already testing Hightrack. These people were hand-picked based on technical or productivity skills, to help us track down major bugs and improve the user experience.

So, after our first alpha, and our internal beta, now it’s time to take another step. A biggie. Because we’re opening our Private Beta sending first invites at the beginning of next week.

How the Private Beta works?

We do want you to try Hightrack as soon as possible, but we want to do it right. There’re tons of things to test in our side: the app itself, servers capacity, connectivity… And we don’t to crash anything :-) That’s why we will be adding people gradually and rolling out the invites in weekly batches.

Everyone who did register will receive an invite in the order that they subscribed, but as the waiting list for our beta is quite long (thank you!), it may take a little bit of time before you get your own invitation.

We’re extremely excited and very thankful for your time and care.

On Track!