Hightrack and Raw Productivity

Productivity is the very soul of Hightrack. It’s the main reason to build this project, the foundation of the app, the inspiration behind every pixel, the purpose of every feature, and the motivation to excel ourselves to do something unforgettable.

We are not a software company that at some point decided to make a “task manager”, because everyone else does it. We are a productivity company that believes that you can regain control and get results with software and habits, with habits and software.

For that reason, we also want to share with you all the ideas, techniques and habits that helped us to be more productive and efficient. To organize with less hassle, to have a clearer vision of what has to be done, to make smarter choices, to kill the noise and achieve more focus, to start doing and accomplishing.

Hightrack claim is Choose. Focus. Accomplish. It is not just a catchy phrase we made up. It is our very DNA. These three words help us to work and live better. Because after years of struggling with bad habits and dozens of applications of all kind, we learnt that is not about trying hard, but doing right. And we call it Raw Productivity.

On Track!
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