Hightrack for Android

As we’re making significant progress in the mobile development, we thought you’d like a quick update about how we’re doing about our Android application.

Before going to the drawing board, we knew we didn’t want just to ‘translate’ the iPhone app, like we’ve seen in the past in other companies. We wanted a truly Android experience. And we wanted it because many of us are Android users.

From the first pixel and line of code, we looked for a clean, fast and easy to use application. And if we’d have to define our Android app with just one word, that would be: productive.

Hightrack for Android

What’s included on the app?

Pretty much all the Hightrack ecosystem: Today, Upcoming, Calendar, Inbox and your task lists. You will also find many of the features you may require when you’re on the move: set due dates, include start dates, mark with star, assign alarms, add descriptions and so forth.

We’re particularly proud of our Quick Panel. It helps you to make uberfast adjustments with just one tap, without having to go on full edit mode. This is (you will see by yourself) a huuuuge time saver, specially when you’re walking on the street.

Release Date

As in Hightrack we have to distribute our limited resources, and the iPhone app has suffered an important delay, the Android version will be ready later than we originally planned. But we don’t want to be very late, so we’re speeding up the development as much as we can. We’ll keep you posted with more updates and certainly the final launch date. Thank you!

On Track!