Hightrack is born, welcome aboard!

How, when and why a group of people decide to create a productivity startup? One word: passion. We love the feeling of doing and accomplishing but being well organized, choosing right, and focusing on completion is harder every day. That’s why we decided to create something really simple, really useful, and really productive.

«Another productivity app? Come on, the are zillions out there!» That’s right, but to be honest, we never got the real productivity experience with any of them. They do many things fine but forget the important stuff. For starters, they focused only in software, when personal habits are critical when talking about time management, efficiency and results.

On the software side, many offer the eye candy factor but they lack of productivity essence. Others are super powerful with geeky features but too complex for most people like us. We do respect them. But we need something else.

And that’s why we decided to create our own application.

From the very beginning we wanted to build something for humans, for us, with the real productivity deep inside the DNA, to help you in many real situations at work and at home, and 100% focused on doing and accomplishing. This is our spirit and vision: Choose. Focus. Accomplish.

Hightrack - Reboot your Productivity
Hightrack is a Personal Productivity platform with three connected applications within. All together to help you to discover and enjoy the smart work in an elegant, uncluttered and ‘do-this-now’ oriented environment.

In Hightrack you will find a task application with all the basic & advanced features you may expect in any modern task manager. In addition, it sports two more applications that we don’t want to unveil… yet. But make no mistake, Hightrack is much more. It goes far beyond a simple task manager since the real productivity, your goals and your daily needs demand more than managing ‘plain lists’.

In the upcoming weeks, in this very blog, we will tell you lots of things about our project. Here you have some initial answers to get and idea of what Hightrack is…

Who we are?

We are a small company based in Madrid, Spain. We’re a five people team with different backgrounds and skills, both in technical and productivity (I’m a professional productivity trainer myself). For most of us this is not our first startup, and prior to Hightrack all members have been working in all type of companies with international experience. And we all are die-hard productivity fans.

App versions

Windows? Mac? Web? In a nutshell: it doesn’t matter your computer or mobile device operating system, you will be able to fully experience Hightrack :-)

From day one, we didn’t want to create a productivity application just for a group of users. Therefore we’re focusing on bringing Hightrack as much people as we can.

App languages

The application will be available both in english and spanish.

Free or Premium?

Ah, the one million dollar question! We want to build a strong and profitable business, so from day one we decided that Hightrack would include a premium version. Nonetheless, because we do want you to love Hightrack as much as we do, we want you to use the application as much as possible. And hence it will have a free version as well.

Launch date

Hightrack will be available in the first quarter of 2013. We cannot be more excited to launch the app, and like you, we love to try new things as soon as possible. But we don’t want to rush. Designing and building this sort of application requires time and lots of work.

Beta availability

No beta is available at this moment but you definitely will be able to try it soon. Head to our homepage and sign up to be notified when our first beta is ready to try.

Come with us

We love to share, that’s why from now on we’ll keep you updated with news and updates, development notes, application sneak peeks, and productivity insights. Follow us in Twitter and Facebook, and don’t forget to subscribe to our feed.

Hightrack is an amazing journey and we want you to be with us all along. We truly believe that Hightrack will change the way you do and accomplish… because it brings the real productivity spirit to your daily life. You’re invited to join us.

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