Howto: improve your workflow with Report

We’ve received a lot of great feedback since we introduced Report. But behind this track there’s more that meets the eye. We want to share with you some tips and suggestions ideas to make the most of this super useful tool.

A bird’s-eye view

In the upper Timeline you can find a quick snapshot of your recent activity (today, yesterday…). These stats will give you the first approach to your completed, delayed and missed tasks in the last days. With this bird’s-eye view of your activity you can quickly answer these two key questions:

  1. Am I procrastinating too many tasks?
  2. Am I leaving too many tasks undone?

But you certainly need to go deeper, not just scratch the surface looking at these numbers.

Behind the numbers

Report detailAlthough we all love to see how many tasks (and which ones) we completed, it’s even more important face the ugly truth: delayed and missed tasks. Not to feel guilty or ashamed, but to improve. Here you are some suggestions:

Identify bottlenecks: is there any particular day, project or task that is giving you a hard time? Maybe you need to make some changes on your workplan or schedule, rethink how to organize certain projects, or split your tasks in parts to avoid gridlocks.

Detect procrastination: we all procrastinate, sure. But in many cases we’re not aware of that. We just delay tasks and carry on. Detecting procrastination patterns is the first step to fix these issues and improve our workflow.

Balance your workload: when you have many tasks undone sometimes is because your agenda is too busy (events keep you away from your tasks). Look at the daily report how many hours are blocked by events, and fix this checking your upcoming schedule before planning tasks (use Upcoming to do this).

Being productive is not just ‘getting things done’ but improving our workflow: make things better and easier. And looking back using our Report track can help you in many ways.

On Track!