Howto: kick-off your day with Today

LearningWhen we started to design our Today track, we conceived it as the perfect spot to focus and get things done. In an uncluttered workspace, it only shows all the activity for the next hours. That’s why Today is (for many of us) the default screen when entering Hightrack. We love kicking-off our day with this track. This is how:

Check your events first

Start checking how many hours are already blocked. Because your schedule is not about the amount of events, but the time they take away. With that information at a glance, you can easily picture how and when you’re going to get things done. (Tip: instead of checking your events early in the morning, we strongly recommend you to do this the day before, as the last task of your day).

Pinpoint your MITs

Is there any relevant or key task due today? If so, mark it with a star. The card will immediately go to the top of the list so you can easily focus on it. Your MITs (Most Important Tasks) are the keystones of your day, and they require your full attention. Start your day at least completing one of them.

Get focus!

Your attention is the most important ingredient when trying yo get things done. Specially early in the morning:

  • Close all browser tabs you don’t need… or your attention will wind up juggling tabs in an pointless game.
  • Close all applications you don’t need. Leaving them in the background is an invitation for incoming distractions.
  • Set your mobile phone on ‘silent mode’ and facing down. Your voicemail will do the job.
  • Forget the Email for the time being. It can wait until finish your first task, and you won’t get distracted by fake urgencies.

When you’re trying to be more productive, the first two hours of the day are the most important ones. That’s why we created Today, so you can make the most of every bit of your work. Right on the kick-off.

On Track!