Howto: Plan at the end of the day

One of the most powerful productivity habits you can introduce in your routine is planning at the end of the day. And Hightrack makes this process very easy. Planning in advance is not getting things done, but is certainly the first step to have a productive day.

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Before focusing on tasks, you need to know how many events you have tomorrow. Since in terms of tasks these are your non-working hours, being aware of them will help you to build a realistic to-do list.


The Hightrack Upcoming’s Timeline is very handy for this. It tells you…

  • How many hours are already blocked by events.
  • How many tasks are due tomorrow.
  • How many of those tasks are important to you.

Right behind the Timeline you have your next day in great detail: all tasks are grouped by project or tag (context), and your events are displayed by calendar or hour. In the case you need to inspect any item, just click on it to reveal a popup-card with all task/events details at a glance.

If you spot any important task you may have overlooked, mark it with a star to view it first thing in the morning (starred tasks are always displayed on top of ‘Today track’).

With all this relevant information you can picture your work load and available hours, so you can make two different choices:

  1. Reduce your to-do list, because you have too many tasks and many events.
  2. Add more tasks, because you have a pretty clear day.

1. Reduce tasks

You can quickly reschedule tasks without editing them, and right from the Upcoming track. Just drag them from tomorrow’s detail and drop them to any other day in the Timeline. This is fast way to build a more balanced work plan.

2. Add more tasks

Jump to Tasks app and review all your lists finding new tasks to finish tomorrow. To make this operation faster, just click on the task title and select ‘Tomorrow’ in the Quick Actions panel.

If you want to reschedule several tasks at once, press Shift and click to select them, and then click on ‘Tomorrow’ in the quick panel.

Now that more of you are using Hightrack for the everyday, we’re planning to explain how you can use Hightrack on real life. This was just the first post of a big series :-)

On Track!