Improved multi selection on web app

Multi select

Last web update included another cool improvement that not everyone has discovered yet (yep, we didn’t say anything on purpose :-)

In Tasks now multi selection works the way you’re used to in your computer: selecting contiguous or non-contiguous tasks. The process couldn’t be easier.

To select contiguous tasks just click the first task and then SHIFT+CLICK the last task. To select non-contiguous click and press ALT while selecting your tasks (in Mac CMD works too).

More possibilities…

Just to name three things you can do with multiple selection:

  • Bulk Edit: select all tasks (contiguous or non-contiguous), click on any task title and then click on Edit. You’ll be able to assign a common Due date, Tags, Time/Energy or even a Description.
  • Mark as done: select any tasks you want and then press SPACEBAR to mark all of them as done.
  • Move at once: just select the tasks, drag and drop. Very handy when you’re processing a bunch of tasks, and you want to move them from your Inbox to any other list.

We do recommend to use multi selection as much as you can. Because it will speed up your workflow amazingly, specially when you’re managing, ordering and processing tasks.

On Track!