Introducing our Learning Zone


Just when you thought Hightrack was only software… Today we’re introducing something different: our Learning Zone. It includes articles, videos and resources to improve the way you work and how you use Hightrack.

  • Work Habits: productivity techniques, smart routines and the best personal habits to improve how you work.
  • Smart Uses: discover how to use Hightrack for different things: your lifestyle, classes, home activity…
  • Videos & Tutorials: screencasts and how-tos to learn how to master Hightrack and work more efficiently.

Why a Learning Zone?

We firmly believe that software is not enough to change the way people work. It alone does not produce the profound change that smart work requires. We need personal habits and smart uses of the app you’re using everyday.

That’s why with this Learning Zone we intend to share with you how to make the most of Hightrack. But also discover working habits, smart uses and productive routines to work and life better. That’s the real goal behind Hightrack.

Serious stuff

Our Learning Zone is not just a ‘bunch of tutorials’, it’s neither a side project for us. It’s part of what Hightrack is. And it was there in our plan from day one. This Learning Zone can be a place to start a profound change in many areas, starting with your work. All articles and videos are made by a professional productivity trainer and writer, because the background of part of our team is Personal Productivity.

We have a gift for you

To celebrate the Learning Zone launch, we wrote a 20 page productivity ebook (PDF & EPUB). This is not just a complimentary gift to thank you for your support; it’s a the firts step to reboot the way you work. Get it in our Learning Zone

Software + habits: a winning combo to learn, improve, achieve. Do That’s the way to become a Productivity Ninja :-)

“First habits. Then software”
— The Hightrack Founders

On Track!