iPhone app release delayed

Our iPhone app will be delayed until the first weeks of August. This is the kind of news we didn’t want to publish, but here we are. Sometimes development gets tricky and it certainly did for us. In the last two weeks we’ve encountered some issues and inconsistencies that made impossible the final ‘go’. In plain words: our app wasn’t ready for prime time.

There’s another important reason behind this delay. Unlike our web app, with the iPhone app we can’t introduce hot-fixes on the fly, or address any bug in less than one hour. Submitting the app to the Store, the approval process and so on, makes even harder releasing a non 100% ready app. And we didn’t want to disappoint you.

We do know this is a downer for everyone. But this is part of who we are, and how we make things. We’re not just releasing software but delivering a experience with productivity and quality on top. And you’ll have that.

THANK YOU for your patience and support!

On Track!