New: Focus track

The final member of the Track family has arrived to our web app. Your free account now includes Focus, a track we believe it will change the way you get things done… in many ways.

The name ‘Focus’ says it all. It will help you to concentrate on fewer options and finish things. Because task lists are great to manage and organize, but not so good to find the focus we all need at certain point. Our task lists are usually too long, and they have too much noise. On the contrary, with Focus you can make better choices, and concentrate more easily.

How does it work?

  1. Decide first the mode you would like to work with. Based on lists, tags or contexts, special tasks, your energy level, or time period.
  2. Then you select the elements (specific lists, tags…) you would like to focus on. And you’re ready to start!


From that moment, you will only see tasks from your selection by threes, so you can focus more easily on them. No endless lists with many different tasks trying to grab your attention. This will help you to get started fast, and make progress with less effort. And all of this with the big cards and the clean workspace you’re already used to.

Focus on real life

Focus can improve your workflow in countless ways. Here you’re some examples to give you an idea:

  • Focus only on your two main projects for next hours, so you can go the extra mile.
  • Focus only on starred tasks, because these are your daily MITs (Most Important Tasks).
  • Focus only on the context ‘office’ and ‘email’ (GTD users will love this) .
  • Focus only on low energy tasks, so you can finish things when you’re tired at end of the day.
  • Focus only on 5 minutes tasks, because you’ve got 30 minutes until your next meeting.

Many of us have been using Focus on the last weeks and our productivity improved dramatically. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

On Track!