New: Full Preferences and Spanish

Today, we’re rolling out a new beta version with two long-awaited features. First, our Preferences section gets bigger, and from now on it will let you to customize several functionalities of the application.

Just to name a few: choose the default view in Today track (tasks or events), set a default list when adding new Tasks, specify how you’d like to order your Tags (by name or number), or set your favorite view when entering Calendar.


Now you can also unlink your calendar from Google. So if you imported one calendar by mistake, or just want to change it for another one, just unlink the current calendar and restart the sync process.


But wait, there is more. Right on the General tab, you can also change the language application to Spanish. At this very moment, a significant amount of our users are from Spanish-speaking countries, so we reckon that this new feature will please more than one person.

This first half of 2013 has been amazing for Hightrack, but this is just the beginning. We do know we still have a very long way to go, but we’re full of passion, ideas and one big goal: make the best productivity experience for you.

On Track!