New: Google Calendar sync

Google Calendar Sync
We’ve been working very hard in the last weeks to release this feature and it’s finally here: now in Hightrack you can import and sync your Google Calendar!

Importing and syncing your calendar couldn’t be easier: just head to your Account Preferences, click on the Google Calendar button, and a simple wizard will take you through the 3-step process:

  1. Select from which account you want to import your calendar (in case you have more than one), and grant Hightrack permission to do that.
  2. Select which calendar you want to import and sync.
  3. Just wait a few seconds for final confirmation, and start enjoying Google Calendar in Hightrack.

Some limitations, though

During our beta, and for free users after releasing version 1.0, you will be able to import one calendar in read-only mode. Meaning that you can view all your Google Calendar events but neither edit or delete them. But don’t panic! Although you may think this is a limitation, there’re huge benefits behind. Just check out all the advantages of bringing your Google Calendar to Hightrack, even in read-only mode…

In the Upcoming track you will always have your Google Calendar events integrated in your Timeline, so you can overview your whole schedule for the next days, and click on any event to dive into the details.

In Today track you will see events from all calendars next to your tasks for the day… so you can easily picture how your day looks, and how busy is really going to be.

In Calendar, all views include color coded events from both calendars, so you can easily overview your agenda, day, week or month.

Google Calendar reminders work in Hightrack. When you set a reminder for a GCal, it shows up in Hightrack Dock as the already familiar alarm bubble. You won’t miss a thing!

In a nutshell: if you’re a beta user (or future free user) you won’t be able to edit Google Calendar events, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a real productive experience with Hightrack. On the contrary, you will see that Upcoming, Today and Calendar now work even better for you.

Full GCalendar support in Premium

As we announced, Premium accounts will be available after our beta period. And one of the coolest advantages of Premium accounts will be the ability to import unlimited and full editable calendars from Google.

Bringing Google Calendar to Hightrack is a milestone in our development, but more importantly, it’s a huge step for your productive experience. It will supercharge your workflow, and it will help you to organize and be more efficient everyday. We truly believe so.

On Track!