New: iCloud Calendar sync

iCloud Sync
We promised it, and it’s finally here :-) After several weeks of hard work and testing, we’re thrilled to announce that Hightrack calendar is now compatible with iCloud. From this very moment, you can merge in one single app your personal and professional schedule, not only from Google, but also from iCloud.

This is what we really wanted to offer you from the very beginning. This is the real goal behind Hightrack: more simplicity and ease for your daily workflow. More productivity.

Adding iCloud calendar

If you previously imported any Google calendar into Hightrack, the process is pretty similar:

  1. Jump to Preferences > Calendar and click on the iCloud button, right at the bottom.
  2. Log into your iCloud account in order to grant Hightrack access.
  3. Select which calendar you’d like to import and then sync. (Remember that only Premium users can import more than one calendar.)
  4. Wait a few seconds until the import process is finished.

Check our FAQ if you need more directions.

Multiple calendars from Google and iCloud?

First question that may come to your mind: «can I sync both my Google and iCloud calendars?» Yes, but only if you’re a Premium user. Free users can have one external calendar in read-oly mode. So if you have calendars in both services, you will have to choose the one you’d like to import into Hightrack. Premium users can have unlimited local and external calendars, fully editable.

Bringing Google Calendar to Hightrack last year was a huge breakthrough for our app. That’s why we couldn’t be happier to add iCloud to our calendar ‘family’. This is not just another feature, but a big step forward in the way you organize your life with Hightrack.

On Track!