New nice additions in our web app

While we’re on the home stretch of our Android and iOS7 apps (good news are coming in the next weeks), we’re continuously improving our web app. Today we’ve introduced several features we think you’re going to like it. Give us a minute to explain them.

Better Add/Edit task window

Add - EditAdding or editing tasks is probably one of the most important actions in Hightrack. That’s why we’re constantly thinking how to improve it. We wanted you to add tasks even faster, and this is what we came up with:

  • Reordered fields: Due date and List fields are now on top, right behind the Title field. So you can add the key information of any task without having to go further than the second line.
  • Add Tags with commas: although you can continue adding tags in the old way (type for autocomplete and then Enter), now you can add existing or new tags using commas between words.
  • Browse calendars from keyboard: this is a biggie, because when the calendar popup appears (Due or Start date, but also in Calendar), now you can browse the calendar using the arrows of your keyboard, without your mouse.

All these new additions make possible to create any task adding the Title, Due date and List from the keyboard, even faster, without touching your mouse.

Hit Enter to add the task. Type the Title, hit Tab to jump to Due date field, move to the desired day and hit Enter. And you’re done. Just hit Enter to save the new task. Just 10 seconds.

Collapsing Subtasks

SubtasksSubtasks play a very important role on the Smart Work. They help you to avoid too many lists, and you can split one big tasks into small chunks or previous actions. Now in Hightrack they work even better.

  • Subtasks counter: the main task now has a small badge with the total subtasks.
  • Collapse/Expand the whole family: you can expand or collapse any ‘task family’ in order to have an clearer view of your lists. Just click on the arrow next to the main task.

Improved Preferences

We cleaned, redesigned and reorder some parts of our Preferences. In Preferences > Calendar you will find new options for your calendars, such set the default duration for new events. And the Account section now allows you to include your name or change your default email address.

There’re about 25 more additions and fixes in this last update, but instead of talking about them, we want you to enjoy them. Just log into your account and make today something special :-)

On Track!