New: repeating tasks and events even better

We’re constantly listening to you, and thanks to your feedback we’ve improved dramatically our repeating tasks and events. We do know that recurring actions play a key role in your workflow, and that’s why we didn’t want to wait any longer to make them even better.

Starting today, Hightrack repeating tasks and events are available in two flavours to suit any possible need: simple options, and advanced options.

When you’re adding or editing any task or event, and you just need a simple recurrence, you can use the first level popup with the usual suspects: every day, every work day, every week, … It’s quick, simple and you don’t need to customize anything but the repeating period. But when you need to create a more detailed recurring task/event, just click on ‘Advanced options’ and you will find all the horsepower you may need.

Advanced Editor

The advanced editor is the ‘paradise’ of recurrent actions with plenty of possibilities and combinations. In a clean and comprehensive window, you can add any possible detail to create a state-of-the-art repeating task/event. And the always visible summary at the bottom of the window gives you full reference of what you’re doing, so you don’t get lost in the process.

We think you’re going to love our new repeating tasks/events as much as we do. We designed this new feature with one thing in mind: deliver the best productive experience.

On Track!