New: Report track

How many tasks did you complete this week? And the last one? And more importantly: which tasks did you finish, miss or delay? Review what you’ve completed every day or week, and what you haven’t, is one of the strongest habits you may have in personal productivity. And starting today, we think our new Report track will help you on that goal.

Report is not an ‘Overview’ track (like Upcoming), neither a ‘Get It Done’ one (like Today). It’s a ‘Review’ track to monitor your recently activity.

Report Track

This new track is the footprint of your work. It’s like a photograph of how you’ve worked in the last days. It picks up relevant information about your daily activity and actions, and it puts all together in a comprehensive way.

Report is similar to Upcoming but going backwards. At first sight you’ll find the already familiar (and now improved!) Timeline with meaningful stats. And right below, the Detail sheet showing extended information about what your recent activity. Information such us lists/projects you worked on, and also completed, missed and rescheduled tasks.

What can you do with Report?

Review tasks completed recently (today, yesterday…).

View meaningful stats of your daily activity.

See tasks completed on any particular project.

Check tasks missed/delayed in the previous days.

Compare your performance with previous weeks.

With this snapshot close to you, it is much easier to figure out what you have achieved, and how are you performing. (This is bad news for lazy people, because Report is like being in front of a mirror :-)

In Hightrack we truly believe that today’s productivity is not about plain lists anymore, but about smart work and meaningful information. That’s why we’ve created this new track. Enjoy it. It’s free.

On Track!