Our iPhone app is around the corner

Fresh news from Hightrack-land about our iPhone app. Many of you have asked about the release date, and why is taking so long to develop it. Give us two minutes to tell you how we’re doing.

Current status

Although we’re in the home stretch, there’re still some details to be included. It’s taking a while because we’re not developing one application but three. Unlike others, Hightrack is not just one task manager. Our mobile apps (both for iPhone and Android) will include Tasks, Calendar and Tracks. Three apps in one, not just one.

In addition to this, on a daily basis we’re working on the Web app, the Android app, and our Premium model. As we don’t have unlimited resources, we have to be very careful balancing our efforts. We’d like to speed up everything, but sometimes it is just not possible.

iPhone App Screens

iOS 7 announcement

The recent iOS 7 announcement doesn’t affect our iPhone app release. We decided to stick to our original plan because waiting until autumn was not an option. When the time comes, we will update our app with a new design to comply the new iOS look and feel.

Release date

Our schedule says we will be releasing the iPhone app in the first weeks of July. But this is just a plan, and sometimes development gets dirty. Plus we have to consider the mandatory App Store approval that may take some days. The good news is that we’re almost there!

We’re extremely excited about our iPhone app. It has the Hightrack soul at the very core, and we think it will take your productivity experience to a new level. We’ll keep you posted.

On Track!