Sneak Peek: the Dock

DockWe’d like to introduce a handy part of Hightrack interface: the Dock. We truly believe that it will soon play a very important role in your daily workflow, because it has productivity on its DNA.

The Dock is always visible and it gives you quick access to most common places you work on. While you can always toggle (show/hide) the Sidebar to gain more workspace (which is cool when working with low resolutions, like a laptop), the Dock is always there to speed up your actions.

On top of Dock you can find the three main apps: Tracks, Tasks and Calendar. But the juicy part is that you can add your own shortcuts right below. Just drag and drop to add any Task List, one particular Calendar or your favorite Track to really make Hightrack how you like it.

This gives you plenty of freedom to organize and build a more productive workspace. By example: you can have 3-4 long term shortcuts, and a couple “disposable shortcuts” just for this week. All of them just one click away. Just one click.

This is what a feature means to us: not pretty, but convenient and productive. And this is how we’re building every single piece of Hightrack. Stay tuned, our public beta is closer everyday :-)

On Track!