Sneak Peek: Hightrack Calendar

Why most productivity apps don’t have a calendar? They primarily focus on Tasks, and that’s obvious. But they miss a so important part of your life, that you end up having your organization in two different places. At any moment, you have to jump to another application/web just to check your upcoming events, or when you want to (quickly) add a new one. This makes your workflow slow and clumsy. It’s not productive.

Events and tasks are definitely different. But both of them are the core of your activity. How are you going to build a work plan for tomorrow if you don’t know how many hours you really have? You can’t decide what to do next without your schedule. You can’t choose your first task without knowing how busy is the kickoff of your day.

When we started designing Hightrack, we knew it should include a calendar from day one. Because events are meant to be next to your tasks. Not mixed, that’s for sure, but together.

Hightrack sports a full featured calendar including multiple calendars, different views (day, week, month), repeating options… and all the tools you may need to manage your schedule.

Agenda View

Calendar also includes a super handy view called “Agenda”. Agenda shows your daily schedule in a visual and intuitive way. With one quick view you can see all your detailed events from different calendars in a clean and distraction-free canvas.

«Ummm… that’s great, but I already have my own calendar and I like it» No problem! Hightrack syncs with Google Calendar and we will keep adding other popular services as our little application grows up.

Hightrack was born with one big goal: help you to be more productive. This requires to get serious about productivity and giving you useful tools for the everyday to organize, choose, focus and accomplish.

Just stay tuned… because there’s more to come. And the third app of Hightrack is the real jewel of the crown.

On Track!