Sneak Peek: Hightrack Tasks

Hightrack Tasks

«What do we expect in a modern task manager?» This was one of the first questions we put on the table when we started designing Hightrack. Then we found ourselves throwing tons of features on the initial interface. We went back to square one to ask the right question: «Seriously, what our productivity really need?». Pretty much immediately, we realized how we wanted to build Tasks.

We wanted an open and flexible list structure, enough to fit any need or methodology, such as the popular GTD®. We also wanted key features nowadays, like Due Dates and Recurring Tasks. In addition, we wanted very handy features (but usually forgotten) like Tags-Contexts. We also wanted extra speed and smooth operations when adding, moving, rearranging, editing… And because we have the same organization challenges like you, we also wanted Nested Tasks (Subtasks).

But above everything, we wanted to build a super clean working environment. A crisp, uncluttered and distraction-free canvas where anyone can work comfy and efficiently. Super simple to use but with enough horsepower to satisfy your productivity needs.

We believe you’re going to love Hightrack Tasks as much as we do. Because we’re like you: simple guys with tons of things to organize both personally and professionally. And for us Hightrack is working amazingly well so far!

But remember, Tasks are just the beginning. Hightrack is much more :-)

On Track!