Sneak Peek: iPhone app

While we’re getting ready to submit our app to Apple, we thought you’d like an overview of some the key features of our upcoming iPhone app. There’s a lot to discover by yourself, but let us to introduce you three of the the most interesting ingredients. The most productive ones, so to speak.



Dock + Sidebar, all in one

Although we pack Tasks (Inbox + your Lists), Calendar and Tracks in one app, the whole structure is straightforward and clear. All major sections and lists are placed in one scrollable panel that you can reveal at any time, just taping one button at the top.

This means that everything is pretty much one tap away: from any of your lists or the Inbox, you can jump to Today, or Calendar, or Upcoming, in no time.


Add tasks with the Quick Bar

We’ve included a permanent entry bar at the bottom of the screen so you can add new tasks instantly. Just tap the bar, type and you’re done. Nothing else. It’s blazingly fast. The more we use it, the more we love it. And we think you will feel the same.

No need to say that you can also add new tasks (and events) using the full add screen. It will give you control over every single detail of the new item: description, due or start date, tags and so forth. But when you’re in a hurry, or you’re not ready to decide the details, the Quick Bar is just pure bliss.


Quick Actions Panel

Quick PanelThe already familiar ‘Quick Actions Panel’ has a mobile counterpart too. But we made it even better. Choose a task from your Inbox, or any of your lists, and just swipe to left. The Quick Panel will popup giving you access to most useful actions: set due dates (today, tomorrow, next week, or any other day), mark with star, move to other list, delete…

The Quick Panel is a huge time saver, and it will certainly speed up your workflow. Because whenever you need to change (or add) one detail, you don’t need to enter on full edit mode to do so. Just swipe and tap and you’re done. I particularly find myself using this feature all the time, and I can’t get enough of it. I just love it.


We’ve designed our iPhone app putting a lot of effort on speediness, eficiency and convenience. We wanted you to save taps, make most common operations fast, and create a great productive experience on the move. We do know is being a painful wait, but we think it’s worthwhile :-)

On Track!