Sneak Peek: Multiple edition

«Every click counts». You can hear that phrase any given day at Hightrack. Because it does. Among many things, productivity is also efficiency. Being able to speed up the most common operations, gestures and procedures. That’s why we wanted that efficiency right on the very core of our application.

In Tasks, you can edit multiple tasks at once and perform bulk actions. And that means appending tags/contexts, adding due or start dates, or setting an estimated energy/time to complete those tasks. With just two or three quick clicks, you can change 5 or 15 tasks at the same time.

Multiple Edition

This is super convenient in several common situations. Just two quick examples:

  • Processing your Inbox: after working hard all morning, it’s time to go to your Inbox to process your new tasks and assignments. You realize that five of them have many details in common, so you edit all of them in one unique window. You just saved about 10 clicks.
  • Change of plans: a customer sets a new due date for one of your projects, so you have to finish four tasks right tomorrow. You select them on the list and using our quick actions popup, you modify them in no time. The whole process takes less than 5 seconds.

Every click counts for you. Because saving clicks is saving energy, focus and precious time to invest in other places. Less time for small things gives you more energy for big things. This is what Hightrack is.

On Track!